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Subject: Re: [AMRadio] IARU - VP ARRL contact by WD5BZO
Date: Tue, November 27, 2007 14:37
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> Peter Markavage wrote:
> > *** The ARRL has recognized AM for years as still a "valid" mode of
> > operation. ... They have a vintage AM station in operation.
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't some knob-twisting touristing
> visitor take and put that rig out of commission?
Never heard that Geoff, but the station was active just last week, so if
it WAS
broken, it's up and running again. I had the week off work, was monitoring
the 75M "ghetto" while I was working on my new tuner, and W1AW broke into
the QSO. Pretty soon the QSO was just stations breaking in to work W1AW.
He was using the Valiant and (I think) NC-300. It was a W3 visitor to the
ARRL that activated the AM station; didn't recognize or note his own

> Why didn't someone from HQ put the AM Station 'back on the air'? (if
> took an avid AM'er to go there and make adjustments and/or repairs that
> no one at HQ seemed to know how, or desire to do.)
There were a whole bunch of AMer's that showed up to install & activate
the station when it arrived in Newington. I was one of them. I have to say
the League folk that I encountered were very friendly and hospitable to us.
That included Ed Hare W1RFI, Joel W1ZR, and Joe Carcia (W1AW chief op., but
I can't recall Joe's callsign at the moment either). Ed took a whole slew
of us out to lunch ON HIS OWN DIME. Joel joins us on the Sunday PM AWA net,
on AM, from time to time. None of these guys hold any anti-AM sentiment,
from what I can tell.

Not cheerleading for the League, this is just one data point. My own
conclusion is that the League itself isn't anti-AM, but some of its
officials may be, just as others are AM-friendly. As an organization,
though, they sometimes shoot themselves in the foot and do things that
just don't compute. This whole IARU bandplan thing is the latest example.

I should say I let my League membership drop in 2000, mainly because I
thought QST was a waste of a perfectly good tree. If I could separate
membership from a subscription to the magazine, I'd still be a member, if
only to have my opinion heard maybe a bit more loudly than it would be
otherwise. I send a contribution every year to the Spectrum Defense Fund,
in lieu of membership.


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