[AMRadio] HRO-50

jeremy-ca km1h at jeremy.mv.com
Tue Nov 27 17:37:51 EST 2007

You align back to front. IE: Oscillator to Antenna or for Vermonters its 
right to left. I'll let you figure it out if the rcvr is on edge or dead bug 

Dont push your luck Todd, Im slowly relearning all this stuff and will 
probably make some goofs along the way. Maybe we can all learn together. But 
Im going to be real slow having to restuff caps and figure out preserving 
all the hand numbered resistors, all but 2 are original.

I had to buy a FB7-XA just to get a 5897 PS. I might do that first as it has 
the same style resistors and I may be able to salvage some for the HRO.


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>> > We got plenty of all era HRO's in for service and a jig was not used. 
>> > Once
>> > you got the knack it was easy. The holes in the chassis are there for a
>> > reason.
>> >
>> Hi Carl!
>> Are you referring to the holes in the TOP of the chassis for the high-end
>> adjustments, or holes in tha back of the coil rack, under chassis, for 
>> the
>> low-end adjustments? Neither of my HROs (a 2.5V heater 1935 model, & and
>> HR0-7R) have the latter, so the coil racks need to be removed for the
>> bottom-end-of-range adjustments. I do understand certain models had them,
>> but mine don't :>(
> I'd like to learn more about this process at some point. I know you
> have some experience with the older HROs Larry, and Carl worked for
> National for a number of years, so he probably spits pinwheel dials. I
> figure between the two of you, I should be able to figure it out.
> The rig in question is a '47 HRO C utilizing the HRO 5RA1 receiver.
> I'm trying to put together a set of the 'bright faced' coils, or maybe
> just find the aluminum plates for the coils that came with the set
> (currently a mishmash of types).
> The thing was pretty numb initially. Tweaking a few of the coils
> ever-so-slightly helped, but there's a specific order to follow and I
> know I didn't do this (having no clue what the order is).
> All things being equal (good tubes, proper IF alignment), what is the
> best way to align the coils?
> ~ Todd,  KA1KAQ
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