[AMRadio] Halli HT37 Phasing Mod problem

DOXEMF at aol.com DOXEMF at aol.com
Tue Nov 27 19:00:32 EST 2007

 Geoff/W5OMR writes:

>You might have to get a neighborhood kid over, Bill, to help you with that.<

  I was one of those once, learned a lot ! Tough to find these days.

  >What it sounds like to me is, that the little coil has a broken wire either in the windings around the form, or at, or near the legs, if adjusting the coil makes no difference in audio phase.<

  I think that is where I left it a month or so ago. Didn't find a problem there but will recheck.
 Not real clear on what the OScope waveforms should be at that end of the modulator. It's difficult to probe around live in that section with the Crystal hanging right there. 

>Break out the magnifying glass!<

  That's no problem as I have a 6 inch nearfield of vision but it is tough to get that close to the object. High voltage hurts on the tip of the nose! LOL !!

  I will try to get back into the modulator box and check closer.

Bill KB3DKS/1

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