[AMRadio] Got an FT102

Ellen Rugowski ellenjoanne2003 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 28 07:02:20 EST 2007

OK, the group you are talking about, is the Fox Tango Group.  I belong to
them (since I have an FT-620B for 6m).  Carol Maher, W4CLM, the group owner
knows her Yaesus (she's been working on them for a very long time).  They
have 2 groups:

1.  A Yahoo discussion group:

2.  The main home website (this is where all of the files, and info on
different radios related is kept):

There is also a Yahoo group devoted to just the FT-102:


73 & good luck, the FT-102 is a pretty good radio,
Ellen - AF9J

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> Brett,
>  There is a "Fox Tango" yahoo group with all the info you will need
concerning problems with the FT101 and 102s.
>  If the relay is the same type in the 102 as the 101s it uses a two piece
contact instead of a continous metal contact. This causes problems. Also
that relay does not follow the standard pinout so replacement with a
similiar contact and voltage relay needs to be rewired.
>  I have the 101's and they receive real well with a good alignment and the
AM filter and mods. Very minor drift on warmup.
> Bill, KB3DKS/1
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