[AMRadio] OT: Greenbay/Dallas

David Knepper collinsradio at comcast.net
Thu Nov 29 12:53:49 EST 2007

Thank you for this information - very much appreciated as I follow 
basketball closely.

Dave, W3ST - W3CRA

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> Grant Youngman <nq5t at tx.rr.com> wrote:  > I'm still searching for a place 
> to watch the Cowboys/Packers
>> game, this
>> evening...
> That whole NFLN mess is a real fiasco, isn't it? We should send "notes of
> appreciation" to Jerry Jones and the NFL.
> And of course, if you want to buy season tickets in the new Dallas stadium
> with good seats, you'd best be a dot com millionnaire. It will no longer 
> be
> posssible for ordinary "circus folk" like the rest of us to actually get 
> to
> see games in the stadium :-)
> Grant/NQ5T
>  Very true Grant,
>  Many people in Wisconsin are NOT happy about this NFL Network mess.  For 
> instance people in the metro area of Madison (which has about 200,000 
> people), and the western part of the state (like Eau Claire with 65,000 
> people) will not be able to see the Packers game unless they have the NFL 
> Network, because they are not a part of the Packers' home viewing area, in 
> spite of the fact they they are just as staunch of fans as we are around 
> here.  Forcing the cable networks to sell it at extra cost as a part of 
> the basic package is silly.  Most people don't want to have to pay extra 
> to see "all NFL - all the time."
>  As for the seating at the Cowboy's stadium - yeah I'd heard that even bad 
> seats are fetching around $1000 as of this morning.  Up here, it's almost 
> impossible to get season's tickets to Packers games.  The waiting list is 
> like 35 years.  And since many families will bequeath their seasons 
> tickets to family members when they die, or don't want them anymore (the 
> Packer franchise allows this), unless you get lucky, and somebody is 
> selling tickets, gives you them, or (as was the case for me back in High 
> School) you get to march during the halftime show, you're out of luck.
>  73,
>  Ellen - AF9J
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