[AMRadio] Re: Beer can silliness

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Nov 29 14:47:03 EST 2007

> Back when I was a a novice, and not old enough to buy beer, I built the
> forty meter version out of tin down spout. Mounted the thing on the garage
> roof, and ran the support/radials to the corners. Worked all states after
> school evenings on CW as a highschool Junior. I might mention the coil
> and cap arrangement suggested by W2OY, helped greatly in getting the
> thing to take power on 40. Man it worked great, those were wonder filled
> times.
> Jim WB2FCN

I don't know why you wouldn't have used tin down spout.  That beer can 
business has to be one of the silliest ham radio ideas anyone has EVER 
thought of.  That's why I always figured it was a joke, even if the article 
didn't appear in the April issue.  Downspout would have been about as cheap 
as the solder it took to attach all those cans to each other, and it 
certainly took a lot less work.

I remember hearing W2OY when he was on the air.  Dick, W2UJR(SK) wrote up a 
story published in The AM Press/Exchange, about his friendship as a JN with 
Mike.  According to Dick, many of Mike's eccentricities were a big put-on, 
and actually  he was a nice guy in real life.  He just got a big kick out of 
playing his over-the-air persona.

Don k4kyv

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