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> I don't know why you wouldn't have used tin down spout.  That beer can 
> business has to be one of the silliest ham radio ideas anyone has EVER 
> thought of.  That's why I always figured it was a joke, even if the 
> article didn't appear in the April issue.  Downspout would have been about 
> as cheap as the solder it took to attach all those cans to each other, and 
> it certainly took a lot less work.
> Don k4kyv


For 2 days now you have been insulting anyone who built or considered a beer 
can antenna.

I replied yesterday and it is repeated below.

A. teenagers often didnt have those pennies or a car back in "those days".
Scrounging cans was easy.

B. Teenagers then and now werent always known for thinking things thru.

C. Hams have always been known to be thrifty.

D. Were you ever a teenager?


BTW, I was a teenager when I had several QSO's with Mike, he was far from 
gruff with me or many other young hams.

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