[AMRadio] Re: Beer can silliness

cemilton at aol.com cemilton at aol.com
Thu Nov 29 18:10:15 EST 2007

GE Brett (and the group),

You're correct..........not much of interest.  Let me contribute to the 
boredom, if I may.

My post asking for 4.7uh RF chokes for the RANGER I restoration were 
met with "order them from".

So, I rolled my own.  Probably the only person in Florida to visit a 
Radio Shack today and come up with some 100uh, 2-amp RF chokes.  Cut a 
couple of them down to size and ended up with ~ 5.0 uh lashup that will 
meet the needs of the Ranger restoration.

Week before that, I took on my RCA 74-B ribbon microphone.  Re-ribboned 
it!  Still shaking from the experience.  But when the signal from it is 
passed through the Collins 212Z-1 mixer, it's as sweet a sound as one 
could ask for.  Now in the process of interfacing it with the KWM-1, 
KWM-2 and 32S-3 rigs. Also with the DX-100/R-390A lashup that I'm 
enjoying on AM.

Not sure what the digital groups are doing or whether other OT's like 
myself are having fun or not...............But I am.

Sri to post such a mundane post as above, but I like to think that's 
what many of us OT's are doing daily.

Worrying about the IARU and the ARRL is academic.  I don't like much of 
what the ARRL does on any given day.  But I won't stop and waste time 
worrying about things I (nor others) can reasonably control.  I'm 
enjoying AM and the hobby in general.

Thanks, Brett, for asking about "things of interest".

Best 73 to all de W4MIL
Palm Coast, FL.

As always, YMMV.

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All I can say, is I like beer from bottles.
They may make good insulators, but poor antenna's.

I cant say the list has been interesting lately, anyone got any
posts about AM, vintage gear, tube stuff, homebrew info,
or anything else of intrest to post about?

I have a couple of old yaesu FT102,s on the way, which
should be fun to play with.
Who has what that sparks their interest that they will play
with over the winter?
I need to homebrew a couple antenna tuners, maybe put up a resonant
40 meter dipole to go along with the G5RV, and get on 40 meters and
have some good QSO's about radio stuff, the posts here have been
quite poor lately....

Anyone building anything?


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