[AMRadio] OT: Greenbay/Dallas

Thomas Adams quixote2 at ix.netcom.com
Thu Nov 29 19:05:12 EST 2007

At 03:26 PM 11/29/2007, you wrote:
>David Knepper wrote:
>>Thank you for this information - very much appreciated as I follow 
>>basketball closely.
>as in you root for the 4-10 76'ers?
>(said from the comfort of home, where we enjoy the 13-3 World 
>Champion San Antonio Spurs)
>Ok, ok... enough - back to AM Radio.
>AM Radio, where if you're a Time-Warner subscriber, you can only 
>'listen' to the Cowboy/Packer game on WOAI 1200kHz AM.

Up here in Wisconsin (Packer Country), people are going more than a 
little bit nuts over this game.

NFL Network is in an argument with the local cable TV companies, so 
the game won't be on cable.
As a result, people are doing insane things...  like renting motel 
rooms in the coverage areas of TV
stations that are carrying the game, and driving tens or even 
hundreds of miles just to have a set
that can see it.

Dish Network has been flooded with new subscribers around here; 
they've been installing dishes
almost 24 / 7, just to get the game.

At work today there was a big, Whoopty Doo panic; we got hit with a 
request for a satellite uplink,
with like 15 minutes notice. It usually takes longer than that for me 
to warm up the TWT power amps
in the transmitter. I was in a full panic mode, winging it, cutting 
corners all over the place to make the
satellite time window. We didn't know WHY or WHAT... we just knew 
that the Governor ordered it.

When I went up on Galaxy 17, transponder 6, and opened up the video 
line to the program studio, I
saw Jim Doyle, Governor of the State of Wisconsin, on the return 
signal monitor. It turns out that the
recipient of the uplink was CNBC, who wanted to interview him on HIM 
impressions of the squabble
between NFL Network and the cable companies! Three minutes of 
interview time and it was history.

It's interesting to watch as an outsider...   I don't pray at the 
First Church of Vince Lombardi, and the
color combination of green and gold frankly makes me nauseous. For 
that matter, professional sports
of all sorts put me to sleep; the closest I come to being a fan is 
occasionally going to watch women's
roller derby!!!   <<GRIN>>  LOVE those on track pile-ups, with all 
that feminine pulchritude getting
waved around!!!

Professional football?   I just don't get it.

Mr. T., W9LBB

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