[AMRadio] Rinaldo's bandwidth suggestion

Larry Will lhwill at verizon.net
Thu Nov 29 19:50:58 EST 2007

I thought the moderator put this whole thread to BED.



At 05:47 PM 11/29/2007, you wrote:
>Frankly I don't care which among ARRL officials passed
>along a specific bandwidth number at the IARU
>conference in Brazil. It should not have been uttered
>without clearing it with U.S. licensees expecting to
>support the Region 2 plan.
>The concept of using specific numbers is wrong when
>applied to the Amateur Service, and should now be
>challenged and revised OUT of both the Region 1 and
>Region 2 plans as inappropriate.
>Ramón, XE1KK, an IARU rep from Mexico, was so kind as
>to return my call as I struggled to find anyone who
>was at the table in Brazil. The U.S. delegates were
>not returning phone calls, and I knew action need to
>be taken quickly, so I stepped around League officials
>and connected with several non-U.S. delegates.
>Ramón expressed dismay when I recounted a brief
>history of failed ARRL attempts domestically to
>achieve what they apparently had won at the IARU. A
>failed bandwidth Petition withdrawn because of
>opposition expressed to the FCC; an FCC Order against
>the League's request to impose the force of law to
>voluntary band plans, and the failure of a Petition to
>the FCC to impose bandwidth limitations.
>So when I asked him where the bandwidth specifications
>came from in the IARU Region 2 plan, he said (rough
>quote, notes not in front of me) "That was Paul
>Rinaldo. He was concerned about people running wider
>than that."
>Another non-U.S. delegate confirmed the information
>that Ramón had volunteered, and the context in which
>it was conveyed.
>The context, which is hard to misconstrue twice, is
>that Rinaldo presented the number without any
>accompanying documentation as a basis it would be
>appropriate in the plan being discussed in Brazil.
>And, just like other modifications and adaptations
>that make the Region 2 plan different than the earlier
>plan in Region 1, there was and should have been
>discussion by the club representing ALL U.S. licensees
>(per the IARU charter), that there is a strong,
>vibrant community of people in Region 2 who enjoy AM,
>and whose operations should be placed in the main
>table recognizing other activities and modes.
>To that end, the League failed its constituents in
>Brazil, and by not immediately amending that error,
>continues to be of disservice.
>More broadly, the ARRL, as the most influential policy
>force among IARU clubs, has failed to push back on
>needless specifications that will confuse rather than
>complement a voluntary band plan we all wish to
>It is my contention that the ARRL is actually behind
>the bandwidth push for the reasons we've already
>discussed in great detail.
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