[AMRadio] Rinaldo's bandwidth suggestion

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Nov 29 22:33:57 EST 2007

Larry, as Brian said no one I know stopped the topic.  As one of the 
other moderators, I did not.  I know you post pertinent topics from time 
to time and contribute to the group in a positive way.  I, too, hope you 
reconsider leaving.

To everyone else, I suggest that if any meaning outside the subject line 
is added anywhere in the post, then change the subject line to reflect 
that change so those of us who do not wish to read a topic will know. 
In that way, one can delete topics they do not wish to read.  If you 
wish to post to a topic and comment about something else, please make it 
two separate posts.  Maybe that will help.


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>I thought the moderator put this whole thread to BED.
> W3LW
> At 05:47 PM 11/29/2007, you wrote:
>>Frankly I don't care which among ARRL officials passed
>>along a specific bandwidth number at the IARU
>>conference in Brazil. 

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