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Fri Nov 30 02:09:45 EST 2007

Jim Wilhite wrote:
> Larry, as Brian said no one I know stopped the topic.  As one of the 
> other moderators, I did not.  I know you post pertinent topics from 
> time to time and contribute to the group in a positive way.  I, too, 
> hope you reconsider leaving.
> To everyone else, I suggest that if any meaning outside the subject 
> line is added anywhere in the post, then change the subject line to 
> reflect that change so those of us who do not wish to read a topic 
> will know. In that way, one can delete topics they do not wish to 
> read.  If you wish to post to a topic and comment about something 
> else, please make it two separate posts.  Maybe that will help.
> Jim/W5JO
> Moderator

(I Sent a copy direct to Larry, as well, just in case I missed his 

What hurts a subject line most, is when someone replies to the subject 
at hand, doesn't quote the previous poster, AND changes the subject.  
that's where things get confusing.
I absolutely HATE it when Paul/VJB does that.  If you've got your mail 
client setup to be a thread-reader, you can't follow the thread, because 
the subject line gets changed.

I, for one, am sorry to see you go, Larry, but I understand your 
frustration.  Still, there's two basic rules to every list, moderated or 
1) Don't be excessively annoying (a line I tend to straddle from time to 
time ;->)
2) don't be easily annoyed. 

See?  It works both ways. 

Every time I try to tell someone something technical, I get told 'no, 
that can't be'.  When I try to give proof, and links, they're not even 
looked at.  So, what's the point?  No one wants to talk about building.  
No one seems to care about the academics required to calculate what's 
needed for a circuit, or the overall operating procedure of our mode.   
Some of us seem to only want to talk about where their next Broadcast 
rig is coming from so it can be converted to Ham Bands.  That's fine.  
But, for the amount of time and effort there is in doing that, a 
separate final and modulator deck could be built, using the same 
components and power supplies and then the thing would be better suited 
(probably) for the Ham bands.  I see eyebrows raised, out there.  Yes, 
we -are- Amateur operators.  Broadcast rigs are run by professionals, on 
commercial frequencies designed to run on -those- frequencies.  
Revamping the entire final tank circuit is what's needed to move the rig 
to the ham bands (in most cases).

Or, others are talking about restoring their precious 
(_insert_commercial_manufacturer_here) rig.  Collecting old rigs isn't a 
bad thing.  It helps keep some of the older equipment on the air.  But, 
it's not the -only- thing.  Ham Radio was built on individuals having 
the knowledge of knowing how to 'make it work'.  Nowadays, people want 
step-by-step instructions.  Shoot, half the fun is learning.  The other 
part of 'fun', follows as pride, I reckon, in knowing that you're 
actually transmitting a signal on a piece of machinery that YOU built, 
and are operating!

For me, it's Brett/N2DTS, John/WA5BXO (who's also disgusted with the 
whole thing) Don/K4KYV and Bacon/WA3WDR who are the technical marvels of 
the group.  I'm probably leaving someone out, and I'll get kick in the 
rear for it, later... but them guys are tops. 

Non-list-active heros are Otis/K5SWK and Perry/W5KGZ.

Like Brett said "Who's building what?"

I've still got parts and pieces and enough 4-65's, 4-125's and even a 
single 4-250 to build -something-.  I just need to get rid of a -lot- of 
stuff in my shack that I DON'T (or wont) need so I can get busy working 
on -something-.  What I need more of is 'time'.

At the same time we, as a community, have -other- similar interests and 
other hobbies... RC flying of model planes, watching Sports (GO 
COWBOYS!) or talking about April 1st articles in QST.  I guess not 
everyone reads every single message that comes through here.  While the 
Beer Can antenna might not have been an April Fool's article, it -was- 
written at a time when the cans were made of a much different materials 
than they are now.  They would -take- soldering-to, then.  But, it seems 
that fact has been glossed over by many people and there are still those 
who will direct animosity at someone else, because of their own 
mis-understandings.  I just don't get the attitude of "because I'm 
behind this Keyboard, I'm 10ft tall and Bullet Proof!"  It seems to me 
to be pretty much similar to being behind a CB microphone, hiding behind 
a 'handle' and picking a fight with someone else, just because you're 
'anonymous'.  We are Hams.  We are better than that.  We need to 
remember that, and to re-learn to treat our other list occupants (ergo, 
other AM operators) with more kindness and respect.

There certainly -has- been a lot of name-calling, finger-jabbing and 
back-biting going on, lately.  It doesn't look good, as a reflection on 
-us-.  Sometimes, we rationalize it as 'replying-in-kind', which 
basically boils down to "(s)he started it!" 

Surely, we're better than THAT!  (aren't we?)

Driving your AM Rig without a scope, 
is like driving your car at night, without headlights. (K4KYV)

73 = Best Regards,

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