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SBJohnston at aol.com SBJohnston at aol.com
Fri Nov 30 09:33:43 EST 2007

This sort of issue comes up on every mailing list or bulletin board or 
webforum I've seen for many years.  

Some members seem to want fewer messages overall - seems like they should not 
be a member of a list, or should switch to digest mode, or not visit the 
forum (as the case may be).

Some want only their specific favorite subtopics of the the list topic to be 
discussed.  They are the fellows who give their delete-key lots of exercise, 
and/or begin to complain when other subjects outnumber their favorite topics.  

And other members will post on every subject, even to just say "amen" or 
"you're full of it", increasing the traffic without adding much to the discussion. 
 Those messages would be better sent to the other guy directly.  

And there are guys and gals who want to argue and will engage in an 
indefinite back-and-forth battle - trying to get the last word.  That's very hard on a 
mailing list or group.  Should probably go private.

So I think we all need to be quite tolerant while reading messages, realizing 
this is the nature of the beast.  

And also think of how your postings will impact others. Some of my 
self-checks are:  Does it advance the discussion?  Does it add new info or a new 
perspective?  Is it on topic?  Does the subject line still refect the topic at hand?  
Am I arguing in a way that will annoy others? 

Steve WD8DAS

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