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Ellen Rugowski ellenjoanne2003 at sbcglobal.net
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In VHF & UHF weak signal work, signal reports usually aren't given anymore,
with the exception of EME (the TMOR system, which is sort of a modified
signal reporting system), meteor scatter (typically S2 is given), or if
condx. are very good with strong signals.  The reason - many signals (even
for Q5 QSOs), don't even move the S-meter.  For the QSO to be valid, the
required exchange is the grid square.  I always prefer those HF contests
that do not require an RST.

Ellen - AF9J

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> The reason for the signal report requirement is simple, while it might
seem redundant, unnecessary or just a distortion of reality when everyone is
5-9 or 599.  The measure or definition of the minimum requirement for a
valid 2-way contact has always been the exchange of callsigns and signal
reports.  If you couldn't get the guy's call and a two or three digit report
correct, you didn't work him.  This is the standard that is generally
recognized by contesters and dxers alike and the definer of the validity of
contacts to be applied to confirmations for award requirements.   I am not
defending this as being good, bad, or necessarily making sense.  It is a
just a tradition, standard and common practice that has been continued for
many years.  IMHO, giving everyone a 5-9 or 599 is just a shortcut and
really removes part of the challenge of "getting the message through".  From
the DX or DXpedition's point of view, it is just an expedient.
> 73,  Jack, W9GT

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