[AMRadio] Lindsay publications

Bill Ramsey ka8wtk at ohio.net
Wed Oct 3 18:50:44 EDT 2007

I was able to download all three surplus conversion manuals from the net.
What I don't remember is the URL that they came from. Some searching may
turn them up.


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I know most of you know if this outfit, Lindsay
Publications.  They reprint many books from
yesteryear.  Well, over the last few years, their
inventory of books on building boat anchors has been
growing.  I'm sure most of us have many of the
original articles for these items, but some might not
have some of these specific projects.  Remember the
coil winder that sold for about 10 bucks 40 years ago
in Lafayette and Allied catalogs?  They have a nice
set of plans for the same thing for 9 bucks.  Check
them out online, no I don't work for them, but I do
get alot of books from them on machine work, and old
engines.  Been trying to get them to reprint the CQ
Surplus Conversion Manual for years, but they need a
copy of it to reprint it and had no luck finding one

Charlie, W4MEC in NC

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