[AMRadio] IARU REGION 2 MF/HF BAND PLAN - Effective January 1st 2008

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sat Oct 6 03:26:00 EDT 2007

Notice bandwidth limitations, with only 6 KHz maximum for DSB A.M., denoted 
by (*), listed for two small segments in the 80m. band.  Nothing in 160 or 
40, or any other band except for 10m.

I suspect that ARRL will promote this in the US, and possibly even petition 
the FCC to incorporate it into Part 97.  Remember, they mentioned 
"revisiting" the defunct bandwidth issue at a later time, and ARRL is the 
U.S. "member society", so it would appear that the League was involved the 
formulation of the bandplan. I have seen nothing in [i]QST[/i] about this, 
nor any request for input from the US amateur community. I didn't see any 
mention of this new bandplan on the ARRL website.  Notice the ARRL 
personalities listed on the IARU website.


What is the IARU?

What is the IARU band plan?


The IARU bandplans have been compiled and modified over the years to reflect 
changes in operating requirements and are to be used as a guideline by the 
individual societies of each country. Unique situations in certain countries 
may require slight modification to that individual country's own bandplan 
but the impact of any changes must take into consideration their effect on 
other countries.

These bandplans are voluntary and as such cannot legally be enforced, except 
in some countries in which the bandplans are written into the national 
regulations. The vast majority of amateurs in all countries do conform to 
the IARU bandplans and it is in our own interest that it should continue to 
be this way. The plans are prepared in a democratic way with input from any 
country's member society. The plans are discussed, modified and voted upon 
at IARU Regional General Assemblies with each country (large or small) 
having only one vote. If an individual or group is not satisfied with the 
bandplans as they are and has a suggestion for improvement then he should 
submit it, with as much documentation as possible, to his IARU member 
society. "

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