Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Sat Oct 6 18:31:07 EDT 2007

Well Folks another Belton is in the history books. It was again very
HOT as what we refer to Hell..Showed up Friday at noon and again checked
into the onsite 
hotel which was sold out again.  Took a quick run through the outside
and a lot of the group 
was present and accounted for. Lots of fantastic deals. I think that
Walt W8KSW got the deal of the
day. Rack with Spectrum analizer ...4 watt Military Exciter with built
in VFO and more Mil gear in it...
$45 guys and looked good and clean. There were RME 6900 receiver
$65...SX-71 Hali $35 good shape not working.
R390's all sold Friday..Sky Buddy like Pristine recapped $100...Apache
$350  DX100B $350...SX99 two or 3 not sold when I left..HQ170...Hr10B
$50...I good go on and on...Best BA Belton in ages.

Dinner Friday at the OXBOW..22 folks Present and 2 other tables of
Amers.The ribs and steaks are still
great. Still the best little HAMFEST in Texas..Ohhh Did I mention Geoff
was there with the sweat dripping
of his body.

All and all Great weekend..Worth the time and gas..

Ohh BTW I came home with a SHURE Mixer and off course some mics..Kept my
money in my pocket this time...SHUCKS

Very Best 73's
Bob W1PE
The Voice of Mesquite

"Money is only temporary, but radios are forever" - Jim Little aka "the
old dog"/K5BAI

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