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Sat Oct 6 19:00:13 EDT 2007

Bob Peters wrote:
> Still the best little HAMFEST in Texas..Ohhh Did I mention Geoff
> was there with the sweat dripping of his body.

I think Mason's son called it right... I went by there, and Bob was off 
on his scooter somewhere, (Bob can walk - he just chooses not to) and I 
asked where Bob was.  The answer I got was "oh, the princess is on her 
chariot, flitting around somewhere (I L'ed MAO!)

We're just joking Bob :-)

And, it wasn't just -me- that had sweat pouring outta my pores... it was 
everyone there.  Musta been 80°F this morning, and 95% humidity.

Got to the grounds around 5:30pm, after spending 2 hours in traffic 
trying to get through Austin, TX (Astentatious!).  Finally got to hotel 
room around 11:30pm, after sitting in the HOTTER THAN HELL (for the 
first hour) parking lot, telling stories and listening to lies (I swear 
it was <-THIS-> big!) only to not get the lights out in the hotel room 
till 12:30am, and then tossed, turned and thrashed around till 2:30am... 
only to have some, some.... 'derelict' call the motel phone around 3am, 
('hey!  who dis?!?!'  "dis be yo mutha-rappin' wrong number, mutha! 
*SLAM!*) and then tossed, turned, thrashed and finally got back to sleep 
about the time the phone rang again, with Tom Bodett telling me it was 
time to get up and go sweat my butt off at a hamfest!

I don't -ever- remember that Hamfest being -that- hot, in the fall.

But, I got a pair of 8417's, an SO-239  Dow-Key relay (110v) a 42-band 
graphic eq (Thanks, Mason!) and some parts chassis and spent less than 
$70, so not too bad.

Bob didn't mention the HQ-129X (working) that was selling for $70.oo... 
or the 1 (One) Henry chokes (two of 'em) at 3.2 AMPS... and there were 
boxes of 'free stuff' to just 'take away' if you wanted it.. inside and out.

Dudly/W5DUD had a GK-500A there, in good working order, for $1200.

I got pictures, but no time to post 'em.  Maybe if I get time off from 
work in a week, or so.

Driving your AM Rig without a scope, 
is like driving your car at night, without headlights. (K4KYV)

73 = Best Regards,

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