[AMRadio] US Constitution? What's that?

Glenn Zemanek zemanek at att.net
Sun Oct 7 14:40:24 EDT 2007

I disagree I like to hear some good political arguments and banter over the
air.  Lots of guys that are well educated and have interesting opinions and
experiences.  Get tired of hearing about antennas, tubes and rigs. That is
why I like the AMers in the Northeast --lots of other interesting rag chew

The argument that the Constitution is a "living" document like taught in Law
School is Orwellian newspeak.  It is really a dead document if it can
constantly be adjusted and interpreted --it serves no purpose. 

Part of my political rant-  feel that I have the right as I am leaving on my
5th combat tour as a GI so others can speak openly here at least for awhile

Also what is the definition of reasonable??

Glenn kc2fzv --on my way to the sandbox again.  Sorry to continue this
thread as it probably is against list regs but I just had to comment 

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I happen to think that POLITICS and RELIGION should NOT be gotten into 
over the AIR >NOR< on maillists.

It provokes things beyond REASONABLE limits.

My $0.02

Bob - N0DGN

Joe Malloy wrote:  
> Hah.  Think of the ways our *own* president overrules our 
> Constitution, never mind the IARU.  The Constitution is only so much 
> old paper, I guess.
> Joe, W2RBA
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