[AMRadio] US Constitution? What's that?

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Sun Oct 7 15:09:29 EDT 2007


FIRST - My hat is off to you!  I'm retired military.  Since I'm 57, and 
have medical issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure, just to 
take the top two, THEY won't let me GO to the "sandbox"

Then again, YOU and I know that what is over THERE is NOT what Americans 
call "sand".  It more resembles talcum powder.  Once inhaled, the 
"gritties" stay with you until AFTER you leave.

I have a certain degree of Empathy for you and the others that ARE doing 
the fighting.  May this trip be safe for you!!

I stop at sympathy though.  I say this because those that serve, do so 
as PURE volunteers.  There is NO draft.

You may well have gotten more than you bargained for, BUT you DID sign 
on the line.  Once you do that, as you know, you ARE subject to have to 
pay the price for your decision.  At least you can be sure that Pres. 
Bush ISN'T planning the missions AND dictating what the weapons load 
WILL be.

That isn't to say that everyone, including myself, IS thoroughly happy 
with the way it HAS gone.


My $0.02

Bob - Ret E-7 - N0DGN

Glenn Zemanek wrote:
> I disagree I like to hear some good political arguments and banter over the
> air.  Lots of guys that are well educated and have interesting opinions and
> experiences.  Get tired of hearing about antennas, tubes and rigs. That is
> why I like the AMers in the Northeast --lots of other interesting rag chew
> topics.  
> The argument that the Constitution is a "living" document like taught in Law
> School is Orwellian newspeak.  It is really a dead document if it can
> constantly be adjusted and interpreted --it serves no purpose. 
> Part of my political rant-  feel that I have the right as I am leaving on my
> 5th combat tour as a GI so others can speak openly here at least for awhile
> longer.
> Also what is the definition of reasonable??
> Glenn kc2fzv --on my way to the sandbox again.  Sorry to continue this
> thread as it probably is against list regs but I just had to comment 

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