[AMRadio] US Constitution? What's that?

Conor Farrell conor.farrell8 at mail.dcu.ie
Sun Oct 7 15:32:19 EDT 2007

While I enjoy learning about politics, especially in the US, I'm not
sure if this is the place to bring up issues regarding your

In other news, I finished my Pixie 2 transceiver the other day. I
fired it up... and it didn't work :( I'm guessing this has something
to do with jumping in two feet first and soldering it on the first go
to a piece of stripboard! My next attempt will be a "prototype"
version (with full working capabilities); so when I get it up and
running I'll do a little listening, and then maybe broadcast a signal
for a couple of minutes each day for a couple of days. QSL opportunity
anyone??? :D

On 07/10/2007, rbethman <rbethman at comcast.net> wrote:
> Glenn,
> FIRST - My hat is off to you!  I'm retired military.  Since I'm 57, and
> have medical issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure, just to
> take the top two, THEY won't let me GO to the "sandbox"
> Then again, YOU and I know that what is over THERE is NOT what Americans
> call "sand".  It more resembles talcum powder.  Once inhaled, the
> "gritties" stay with you until AFTER you leave.
> I have a certain degree of Empathy for you and the others that ARE doing
> the fighting.  May this trip be safe for you!!
> I stop at sympathy though.  I say this because those that serve, do so
> as PURE volunteers.  There is NO draft.
> You may well have gotten more than you bargained for, BUT you DID sign
> on the line.  Once you do that, as you know, you ARE subject to have to
> pay the price for your decision.  At least you can be sure that Pres.
> Bush ISN'T planning the missions AND dictating what the weapons load
> WILL be.
> That isn't to say that everyone, including myself, IS thoroughly happy
> with the way it HAS gone.
> My $0.02
> Bob - Ret E-7 - N0DGN
> Glenn Zemanek wrote:
> > I disagree I like to hear some good political arguments and banter over the
> > air.  Lots of guys that are well educated and have interesting opinions and
> > experiences.  Get tired of hearing about antennas, tubes and rigs. That is
> > why I like the AMers in the Northeast --lots of other interesting rag chew
> > topics.
> >
> > The argument that the Constitution is a "living" document like taught in Law
> > School is Orwellian newspeak.  It is really a dead document if it can
> > constantly be adjusted and interpreted --it serves no purpose.
> >
> > Part of my political rant-  feel that I have the right as I am leaving on my
> > 5th combat tour as a GI so others can speak openly here at least for awhile
> > longer.
> >
> > Also what is the definition of reasonable??
> >
> > Glenn kc2fzv --on my way to the sandbox again.  Sorry to continue this
> > thread as it probably is against list regs but I just had to comment
> >
> >
> >
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