[AMRadio] AM in Iraq?

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Sun Oct 7 18:01:43 EDT 2007

When I was there, (04-05) I was able to get a local call (YI9HYS) and  
operate using a kenwood TS-520 that I bought off line and had shipped  over.  No AM 
operations that I noticed, other than Shortwave  broadcasting.  Though I 
mostly stuck to 20 meters SSB/CW.  
Besides broadcasting I never ran into an AM ops.  Though if it was an  old 
buzzard in another language, I wouldn't have been able to tell the  difference. 
I THINK the tactical coms are all FM now. 

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>Glenn kc2fzv --on my way to the sandbox  again.  Sorry to continue this
>thread as it probably is against list  regs but I just had to comment 


I was wondering  if you could describe to the group how AM might take part in 
military  communications in Iraq. 

Also, is there any Ham Radio operating being  allowed?

Jim Candela

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