[AMRadio] AM in Iraq?

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
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Hi All,

   Back in the early 1990's I was involved with a government project where the civilian company I worked for was installing a high power lower VHF jammer and direction finder in Black Hawk helicopters.  I am pretty sure the ship to ship communication mode used at that time was AM, I think 225-400 Mhz. Maybe it was  FM, but I really recall it being AM. One thing for sure though is that commercial aviation still uses AM from about 110-136 Mhz. When listening to commercial aviation, it becomes apparent that the designers of that gear could learn a few tricks from this group.


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Hello All,

My personal experience in Vietnam (1967-68) in the Army SigC is AM 
voice was already dead.  It doesn't and never did work in the high 
noise levels near the equator.  Enjoy AM in the winter but it is just 
isn't an comm medium when near 100% copy is required, unless you are 
WKBW or WABC at 50 kW ERP.  Here at 40N, I only use AM on 
160  reliably from Nov -Mar, and I run an RCA BTA-1R1.


I love AM but I also know its limitations.

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>again.  Sorry to continue this >thread as it probably is against 
>list regs but I just had to comment Glen,    I was wondering if you 
>could describe to the group how AM might take part in military 
>communications in Iraq. Also, is there any Ham Radio operating being 
>allowed? Regards, Jim Candela WD5JKO

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