[AMRadio] AM in Iraq?

James M. Walker chejmw at acsu.buffalo.edu
Sun Oct 7 22:55:51 EDT 2007

I remember an AN/GRC-26D outside of MACV HQ. We used to get "hook-ups
back to Ft. Bragg, es 18TH ABN Corps. They would connect us to 5th S.F. Hq.
The link was using AN/GRC-26Ds on both ends (AM) and also the remotes were
tied in with TA-312s at each end. The audio quality was good, as was the 
quality. Before you ask, I wasn't a radio operator there, but I knew most of 
MACV Hq. guys, and they used to run phone patches back to bragg for H&W
traffic for us "Mud Slugs"!

Military AM radios, were always a problem if the system wasn't setup 
in the first place. However the 26Deltas did a fine job when we were using 
Sgt Boo to my friends, I don't have any live enemies!

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> Hello All,
> My personal experience in Vietnam (1967-68) in the Army SigC is AM voice 
> was already dead.  It doesn't and never did work in the high noise levels 
> near the equator.  Enjoy AM in the winter but it is just isn't an comm 
> medium when near 100% copy is required, unless you are WKBW or WABC at 50 
> kW ERP.  Here at 40N, I only use AM on 160  reliably from Nov -Mar, and I 
> run an RCA BTA-1R1.
> Larry
> I love AM but I also know its limitations.
> At 03:59 PM 10/7/2007, you wrote:
>>----- Original Message ---- From: Glenn Zemanek <zemanek at att.net> >Glenn 
>>kc2fzv --on my way to the sandbox again.  Sorry to continue this >thread 
>>as it probably is against list regs but I just had to comment Glen,    I 
>>was wondering if you could describe to the group how AM might take part in 
>>military communications in Iraq. Also, is there any Ham Radio operating 
>>being allowed? Regards, Jim Candela WD5JKO
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