Subject: Re: [AMRadio] US Constitution? What's that?

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Mon Oct 8 11:41:37 EDT 2007

On 10/8/07, D. Chester <k4kyv at> wrote:
> Regarding politics on this discussion group, I prefer to keep them ham radio
> related. For example, I may hate George Bush or I may love him, I may
> totally disagree with Iraq policy or think it is the best thing to happen to
> our nation since sliced bread, but those kinds of topics should be discussed
> elsewhere.  The "Ragchew" forum on is an ideal venue.

Well put Don.

But if the
> president or any other government official were to publicly announce a
> policy, or even if mere rumours of such a policy leaked out, that might even
> remotely somehow affect AM or amateur radio, then that IS an appropriate
> topic for discussion here, as long as it is kept within an amateur radio
> context.
Yes, I agree with that completely so long as the discussion remains
civil between everyone.

Brian / wa5am

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