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EdwMullin at aol.com EdwMullin at aol.com
Tue Oct 9 22:02:07 EDT 2007

You can use a lot of the parts, and the best  thing is they are often FREE 
for the taking.

Two similar transformers  connected with the primaries parallel and the 
secondaries in series can make a  center tap transformer for HV supply. One side of 
the HV is attached to the  frame though so the whole thing has to go inside a 
box. you also have to remove  the magnetic shunts to get decent voltage 
regulation. (just tap out with a  hammer and punch).  

or you can remove the HV winding with a chisel  (the laminations are welded) 
and make a robust Filament, or other  low voltage transformer.

The diodes are often high voltage high  current devices, handy for solid 
stating older power supplies. 

Also  there will be micro switches for the door interlock, and the small 
rotating  motor (12-24 volt geared motor) those could be good for a remote tuner  
application. with a little imagination. Plus what ever timer counter 
controller  is being used to run the thing.  

The caps are low in value IIRC  under /around 1uf . but highvoltage rated, 
and if they were free, you could  parallel several for a more reasonable value.

lastly the Housing is  handy, makes a nice prefabed enclosure for a project, 
just add front panel to  suit. 
(Imagine a 4-250 sized tube glowing behind the microwave door... THAT  would 
get some looks!!)

Unfortuantely the newer ovens use a switching  supply, so there goes the 
trany and other components.  

If it's Free, It's for ME!! 

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