[AMRadio] Panasonic microwave oven parts for radio

WE0H we0h at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 10 11:26:17 EDT 2007

That's interesting to hear on the switcher HV supplies. Definitely 
useful at 1/2a. If it is noisy a guy could filter it more and have a 
nice compact HV supply. Now I have to go find one...hi hi...

Just think of the possibilities of a small HV switcher hidden under a 
chassis of a radio that has a bad original supply that a guy can't find 
a transformer or other parts to repair it. Leave the original 
non-working parts on top for the visual look but having the switching 
supply hidden under the chassis...A mix of new school and old school to 
get a boatanchor operation with.

I'll try to find that site and post the link.


John Lyles wrote:
The light Panasonic ovens that say something like Inverter on the logo 
are switchers.
No heavy transformer anymore. They provide negative polarity hot and 
operate in a current limit mode, not voltage regulation.
There is a website on them, if you search for it, that talks about 
dissection of one, and the test results.
They are pretty neat power supplies, providing like 1/2 amp of DC at 
 >2kV. But very dangerous to play around with,
unless you isolate, isolate, isolate. If you do decide to pass on the 
power supply, I would love to have one to play around with sometime.
Might eventually be reconfigured to make a nice tube power supply.
> John 

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