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Fri Oct 12 09:26:44 EDT 2007

W7JPG wrote:

>what would be the most effective way to make a protest 
>about the potential AM restrictions and to whom should 
>it be addressed?  Is there an organized group (AMI?) 
>putting anything together?

I haven't heard of anything organized.  My approach so far has been to spread 
the word to friends, on the air and on the mailing lists I belong to.  And 
encourage comments to the League, which is our representative to IARU (and seems 
itself to like this bandplan and want to make it official for the US as 

In California, your Director and Vice Director's email addresses would be 

w6rgg at arrl.org    and    n6ajo at arrl.org     

(from  http://www.arrl.org/divisions/   )

and the League officials that seem most appropriate are

dsumner at arrl.org, w5zn at arrl.org, n3kn at arrl.org, K5UR at arrl.org, 
W6ROD at arrl.org, W4RI at arrl.org, k1ce at arrl.net 

(from  http://www.arrl.org/officers.html   )


Steve WD8DAS

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