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Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sun Oct 14 05:31:47 EDT 2007

Guys - Chris Kepus wrote this in another group, but it sounds like
the advice could be very helpful for those os us endeavouring 
to keep these insane bandplans from encroaching on the right 
to use AM also:

= = =

Rob said, "I don't really feel obliged to follow along with an
organizational scheme that I wasn't asked about, and wasn't given 
a chance to comment on.  Especially when it was cooked up by 
a bunch of people I've never heard of, let alone met."

Sounds like you might be talking about the ruling class who 
make the "rules" which are established by a large number of legislative bodies 
I am aware of that operate in California, other states and especially the one 
in DC. 
But a rant on that wouldn't be proper. <g> 

So, keeping it on topic, Paul Courson suggested we write the IARU execs.
Peter M. suggested that we wait to see what the FCC does if the IARU
formally adopts a bandplan with essentially the same provisions in the

Having had some experience in government relations, my feeling is 
that a strong defensive action needs to be taken now.  The adage 
that a strong defense is the best offense holds true in this arena, also.  
The folks working on adopting new rules and bandplans might be 
well intentioned but they feel compelled to do *something* 
(however naïve, idiotic, or wasteful)
rather than doing nothing (which means they don't like trying 
to fix what they and their predecessors may have screwed up).  

The best way to have a chance to block or blunt the potential 'bad' acts 
of these folks is to start a strong defensive action to put them on notice 
that they are doing something a lot of people don't agree with and that 
the same people will actually work hard to stop the action.  

Translation:  IMHO, Now is the time to start writing in favor of your
favorite mode or modes that may be impacted.  A writer need not 
make a long statement or even take a position like "an AM center of activity" 
is needed.
In this case, simply state, for example, that there are very strong
reservations about the draft plan bandwidth and/or bandplan 
especially for (fill in your favorite mode(s)).  You don't have to give any 
particular reason at this time.  We need to make some focused noise, 
and we need a good amount of it for the first salvo.

I for one am planning to enjoy the upcoming solar cycle using AM 
*for sure* on Glowbug rigs....as well as CW and SSB. 

To paraphrase Charlton Heston, a key NRA spokesperson: You will 
have to pry my D-104 and Modulator tubes from my cold, dead hands! 

Chris W7JPG

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