[AMRadio] IARU Band Plan

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sun Oct 14 15:07:15 EDT 2007

I sent the following message to the IARU officers about their latest,  
"not-so-brilliant" plan to restructure the bands by signal bandwidth  

The SAME kind of ridiculous plan that ARRL just tried and had  
to back away from after the vast majority of radio amateurs were
up in arms about it. After trying unsuccessfully to push this 
poson onto the U.S. amateur population, it looks like the 
same forces  are trying a slightly different route now.

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Dear IARU Officer -

I see that the IARU has adopted, effective Jan 1 2008, a new 
"MF/HF Band Plan" for Region 2 that places restrictive limitations on 
transmitted signal bandwidths and overlooks the commonly used modes 
and practices on the bands 160 - 10m. I am VERY much against such limits. 

Tight regulation and restrictions like these go completely against the 
experimental and innovative aspects of amateur radio.  As a licensed radio
amateur, I urge you to stop this plan from going into effect.  

I understand that it is a voluntary plan, but because it does not match 
common practice on the bands today it will be ignored by thousands of
operators. Of particular concern to me, is the sudden and completely
un-necessary changes required of stations operating in the AM mode
with carrier and DSB modulation, enjoyed by thousands of  amateur
stations worldwide.
Why make a plan that impinges so greatly on the present reality?  

But, voluntary or not, my position remains that the plan is defective. 
Bandplans like this have a history of increasing the stress among 
amateurs with arguments and finger-pointing.  Voluntary plans  
can tend to become ever more "official" over time, so I think it is 
vital that  we not err on the side of restriction and limitation which 
could hinder our present and future communication options.

Brian Carling
Amateur Radio Licensee, AF4K, G3XLQ

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