[AMRadio] For Sale - 2 Rangers and a Valiant

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Mon Oct 15 12:42:28 EDT 2007

   Time to 'cull the herd' - make way for New Gear.

   I have two Ranger Is and a Viking Valiant I that I am interested in 
passing on to Warm Loving Homes...

   I don't want to get into a 'bidding frenzy' and I'd like to not go to 
any formal auction sites on these... let's keep them "in the family".

   So just write me PRIVATELY - do not copy your replies to the list 
please, for clutter's sake - and I'll give more info then - please tell me 
which rig you're interested in, or two, or all three...

   Briefly - one Ranger is in nice shape, and has a yellow CD sticker on 
it's upper right corner.  Fully operational with keyer circuit.

  One Ranger is in good condition, the meter glass has come unglued and 
need to be re-attached, though the meter itself is fine.  Also, the knobs 
have Braille dymo tape on them.  This rig works well and puts out rated 

   The Valiant I is (was) my "daily driver" - hase been re-capped and has 
1-year-old 6146s in final and mod, and has solid-state rectifiers 
installed.  Front panel has some worn areas around the PTT switch, but 
its in overall nice shape w/no mods or extra holes anywhere.

   Also I have an ATR-15 Antenna Tuner, an MFJ Balanced Line ammeter, 450 
feet of copper-clad longwire (from the antenna guy in Oklahoma)  and a 
Beckman 905 WWV reciever..

   Oh yeah, a Central Electronics MM-200 Mod Monitor - has dim trace, but 
I have the book and schematics on it.

   Write me PRIVATELY off-list with offers and any unusual stories as to 
why YOU have to be the one to own one of these rigs.  :)

   Professional packing by me will be a bit extra - you pay the shipping 
from Carson City, NV 89403.  USA sales ONLY. Local pickup is fine, 
delivery within a reasonable radius is also available for a suitable 



PS: I'll be travelling quite a bit this week, so be patient if I don't get 
right back to you in 10 minutes....  ;}

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