Peter Wittenberg k2lrc at k2lrc.com
Mon Oct 15 16:24:12 EDT 2007

Bry, does the 80M coil that is on a 807 plug in have the link on then center
or the end??

Best 73's Peter K2LRC

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Coils & Switches:

Barker and Williamson 40 TVL ceramic 7MHz jackbar plug-in
coil - $15.00

BC610 style ceramic 160m  jackbar plug-in coil - $15.00

Bud 80m plug-in coil with 5-pin base like 807, link coupled $12.00

Very heavy duty RF switch with silver contacts.  High voltage
type suitable for an RF final. Shiny ceramic body, metal front.
Ceramic posts and rotor. Four positions,  with antique pointer
knob. This is a beautiful looking part and is KW plus rating.
QTY 1 available for $25.00

Other ceramic rotary switches - all medium size 2" dia.
and standard 1/4" shafts

1 Pole 12 positions (new) QTY 3 for $8.00 each

2 pole 3 positions (new) QTY 1 for $6.00

1 pole 6 positions (good, used) QTY 1 for $4.00

2 pole 5 positions, function switch for? (new) - $2.00

4 pole 5 position (good, used) - QTY 1 for $6.00

1 pole, 5 position shorting (good, used) - QTY 1 for $4.00

Smaller ceramic switches, 1.5" diameter:

1 pole, 4 position (can be knocked out to 12 positions) - QTY 1 for

2 pole, 5 position - (new) - QTY 1 for $4.00

QTY 6 misc used ceramic wafers in good clean condition
- $3.00 for all 6

Shipping additional.

Will post some smaller RF coils soon.

73 & thanks for reading - Brian, AF4K

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