[AMRadio] NIB Hallicrafters tranny

Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Mon Oct 15 16:58:24 EDT 2007

Tony...I am looking for a really nice S38E should you have one for a

Bob W1PE

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I have a new Hallicrafters transformer with H cover and 115/220vac 
switch.  $50.00 this is for the SX 28 and SX 32
used transformer from SX-62A  $25.00
Mod Tranny for Pair of 807's   $30.00
Hallicrafters  R-45/ARR-7 face is great missing switch cover, case 
has paint flaking off  comes with Matching AC supply. $250.00
Hallicrafters  SX 71 Black face case has normal ware  face is 
outstanding working switches need sprayed. $225.00
Knight Kit R100 working in great shape audio is outstanding.  $175.00 Hy
Gain GT550A LINE INCLUDES SC550A speaker and power supply RV 550A 
remote vfo RF 550A 4 KW WATT/SWR METER WITH 5 post Ant Switch. PR 550 
phone patch and RARE F3 300hz cw filter. 2 or 3 minor marks on face 
other then that unit is in great shape i bought this station new. it 
is working but need filters in PS replaced as they are starting to 
get leaky. $500.00
Johnson Viking Valiant  have two take your pick. $400.00 both nice 
case's have normal paint chips and fading. faces are great.
I also have a Johnson 6N2 VHF transmitter and a Thunderbolt that i 
will sell as a complete station with one of the Valiants.
RME Speaker for 6900 series has the 3 vertical bars outstanding shape
$50.00 National speaker Large old style  red NC logo in middle.has two
scuffs on top  $50.00
have boxes of transmitter parts , coils ceramic caps Variable caps. 
oil caps switches nib pots 45 years of collecting i have to walk and 
climb over things to get to my benchs. so a lot of it is going to go. 
2 doz BC/SW wooden console and table top radios also will be going.
everything is in Ferguson Ky 42533. 80 miles south of Lexington 
Ky.  shipping not included in prices. deals made on pick up items. i 
will get the xyl's digital cam and take pics if you are really 
wanting to buy something. email  me with questions other items will 
be listed later  S 36'S S 38'S 8R10'S SR 150 SR 400 DRAKE 2NT SPACE 
SPANNER   MS-4 NIB Face Plates  TR4cw NIB CAB. Swan  250C nib face 
plate last one Swan had years ago.Hallicrafters speakers TS 950SD in 
box. and more.
73 Tony

Anthony W. DePrato  WA4JQS
QCWA  # 23602   10X # 3621
A1-OP FISTS # 10573  VBA # 55 AMI # 1274
NCDXF # 1036 RNARS # 1309 SKCC # 1227
Lis. 1962 Calls Held

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