[AMRadio] VFO vs XTAL

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> >Hi Bob: i would keep it also hi hi.. the 755 and 755A are not cheap
> >this day and time. i have a heathkit i use on the DX60B. i do have 2
> >or 3 johnson 122's i have though about using one of them on the
> >680A. the 8 mhz output will give me one band anyway. got to get the
> >tranny out of my GC 350A and up to Gary for a makeover. just can not
> >get too it for all the other radios. catch u on the bands
> 73 Tony


You aren't kidding about the 755.  The last one I bid on, on ePay, went for
over $170!  I have a Scout 680.  Another alternative to the 755 VFO, is the
Heathkit VF-1. I use one with my Scout 680.  It has 3 VFO output ranges:
A.) 160m (good for 160 & 80/75m);  B.) 40m (good for 40, 20, 15 & 10m);  C.)
6.9 MHz (for the old 11m band).  Prices for the VF-1 are usually pretty

Ellen - AF9J

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