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rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Wed Oct 17 15:11:32 EDT 2007

Todd - I used to belong to the League.

I guess a couple of subscription/membership periods, participation in 
League "reporting made me FINALLY vote by "LEAVING".

I stayed with M.A.R.S until 1984.

I was on the road to military retirement, had University classes, and 
prep to move on to the "next" life as it is now.

I gave up on the League when the ONLY thing they wanted from me was HOW 

Although I was recognized by NOAA for emergency net operations that 
Uncle Sam gave me the time off for with NO questions when I asked for it 
to support a tornado recovery.

Funny how the Feds gave me a certificate, the Club did, and the Club was 
ARRL affiliated.

The League didn't even send ANYTHING.


Yep!  I figured out to vote!  Voted from the Far East by absentee ballot 
to elect senators, congressmen, and a President.

It wasn't the "best" choice, but at LEAST the next one WASN'T directing 
bombing strikes from the Oval office - AND dictating the "weapons" load.

Oh well.

Off my soap box!

Bob - N0DGN - "Dumb Georgia Nut"

Todd, KA1KAQ wrote:
> On 10/17/07, rbethman <rbethman at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Gee Todd.  I wonder if Pete, WA2CWA lives in an area where BPL is in ACTION!
> Nah, Pete's just a League diehard and just loves to stir the pot,
> that's all. Helluva good guy despite his questionable affiliations.
> Met him at Dayton this year for the first time, he's one jolly, happy
> guy, enjoying life. We need more like him and fewer of the bitter,
> petty types.
> ~ Todd,  KA1KAQ

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