[AMRadio] Hamfests

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Oct 18 09:04:52 EDT 2007

> Our local hamfests ban computer scrap entirely.  No computer items allowed
> whatsoever.  Anyone found selling computer debris is escorted off the
> property.  Has worked brilliantly for he last 5 years.  It a pleasure and 
> a
> blessing to only find proper  radio stuff at local festers.
> Ed, VA3ES

Just about as annoying at hamfests is the non-radio related arts 'n crafts 
junk.  I have seen some hamfests that were more like a general fleamarket, 
with jewellery, paintings and drawings, dolls, etc. in addition to all the 
computer scrap.  If you looked hard enough you might find a little  radio 
stuff scattered in between.

One of the most pleasant hamfest  flea markets I ever remember was in the 
early 80's at Chattanooga, TN.  It was held at the UT campus,  in a parking 
lot next to the cafeteria.  The flea market was divided into two distinct 
sections.  One was for arts and crafts and other non-radio items, while the 
other was strictly for radio and electronic items.  There were loads of 
vintage parts on display.  To cap it off, there was a very mellow sounding 
local rock band playing - not too loud, just right for pleasant background 
music, but you could still easily talk over it.  The cafeteria opened for 
lunch, and they had a good menu of real food instead of the normal hamfest 

Unfortunately, they held the hamfest at that venue only one year.  From then 
on, it became a typical indoor  flea market with practically nothing of 
interest to me.  I attended the indoor event once and decided it was not 
worth the trip.

Don k4kyv

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