[AMRadio] Looking for: How about home brew?

Greg bluebirdtele at embarqmail.com
Thu Oct 18 11:57:27 EDT 2007

Sorry, can't help you with the modulator.
If you can't find one to buy you might want to consider building your own. 
Universal multi-tap modulation transformers do show up on Ebay from time to 
time.  Several American transformer companies offered them back in the day. 
I have a 60w modulator in the early beginnings of construction and am 
considering buying a mult-tap ouput transformer for it thru Ebay.
The biggest reason for me to build AM instead of buy is the cost. AM stuff 
here on the East Coast is much more expensive than what I've been used to 
(Arizona). Hey mister do you want to buy a stone dead DX 100 for $350? 
People seem to want an arm and a leg for the rusty stuff.  Derelict AM also 
gear seems to gobble up expensive parts during the restoration process. 
Maybe the forth coming recession will deflate the AM iron market. Maybe not.

Out goes the soldering iron
In goes the Prozac
Kinston NC

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> Can anyone help me with locating a EICO 730 modulator?
> Many thanks.
> Phil
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