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> Robert Nickels wrote:
> >
> >
> > There are plenty of computer and flea markets and craft fairs if you
> > like that kind of stuff.  I'm all for keeping the "Ham" in Hamfests!
> Ditto!
> I'm also not too much in favor of seeing 40 channel sympathized CB
> radios at a HAM Fest, either... but the older Brownings, and Robyn's and
> other tube-burning rigs, that are easily converted up to 10m.. that's
> different.

Yeah, you start to talk a pretty fine line when it comes to the
'radio' stuff. Old wooden or Bakelite BC radios aren't really 'ham
radio' items either, but most of us enjoy seeing and sometimes buying

The rule I came up with for our Guest Speakers and Forums/Workshops
pretty much says it has to be about amateur radio, the history or
radio, military radio, broadcasting, and related technologies. This
way you cover RADAR to the ENIGMA, Amateur to 2-way.

Applied to the 'fest itself, it wouldn't leave a lot of room for the
ceramic lawn toads, crocheted blankets, or beer can biplanes. Junk
sales are a dime a dozen, good hamfests are not. Trying to turn them
into a 'something for everyone' free-for-all defeats the purpose of
having a hamfest to start with, and is more in line with the view some
hold of trying to turn amateur radio into cell phones and PC games.


~ Todd,  KA1KAQ

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