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Thu Oct 18 14:10:32 EDT 2007

On 10/18/07, Peter Markavage <manualman at> wrote:

> Next you'll
> be requiring hams to wear ties and suit jackets and leave all the belt
> hanging HT's in the car or home.

We're working on that for next year, Pete. *wink*

> Last hamfest I sold a Sears circular saw, brand new wide carriage
> printer, a flat-bed scanner, several motors, a bunch of CD's, VCR movies,
> and a number of "non-ham" related stuff, and a number of "ham-type"
> products.  I would have been real pissed if you stopped me at the gate
> and said I couldn't try to sell those products. As someone else said, if
> you're not interested in what's on the table, "keep on walking".

Problem with that is Pete, once you open the floodgates, it's kinda
hard to hold back the water. Technologically-related items would
include Hi-Fi gear, most tools, even computer items but not
necessarily computer slag (all the useless crap like empty desktop
cases, broken keyboards, etc). Someone selling radio gear (or manuals)
who also has an old saw for sale isn't going to get bothered. Someone
at the gate with a truckload of used dishwashers is.

Your approach is more of a 'flea market' approach. We're talking about
hamfests, which by their nature of being related to ham radio,
electronics, broadcasting, engineering, etc are not your average flea
market. That's why mostly hams attend them. We're not trying to please
everyone all the time, we're trying to please amateur radio people.
They are who the event is for. Anyone else is welcome to come, just
keep in mind that it's a 'radio' event, not your neighbor's yard sale.
And don't expect the majority to change their event to suit the
minority. NEAR-Fest at least, is not a democracy, but a benevolent
dictatorship. I suspect that's why it's doing so well, so fast. Most
(not all, mind you) people are sick of the non-radio junk dealers.

~ Todd,  KA1KAQ

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