[AMRadio] Slow start crystal

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Thu Oct 18 15:39:08 EDT 2007

Well, after retracing some of my steps I discovered a high resistance screw
type connection on one of the capacitors in the buffer which seems was part
of my oscillator problem or part of the reason I was getting such low drive.
I also discovered a partially broken clip on the buffer (828) tube socket.
With those two items repaired I am now getting ample drive, not excessive,
but ample to the pa grids.  Now I have encountered yet another oscillator
woe.  I have three (3) crystals for the 160 meter band, 1885 mc, 1975.15 mc
and 1995 mc.  I have the transmitter setup and neutralized for the 1885
rock, however, it seems close enough when I use the other two also.  Now for
the problem.  The oscillator starts instantly upon transmit when the 1975.15
rock is in use.  When the 1895 crystal is in use there is a tiny delay, but
with the 1885 rock there is sometimes as much as a 2 second delay before the
oscillator kicks off.  The 1885 crystal fires instantly in other rigs or in
my signal generator.  Do you think the capacitance loading of the crystal
has something to do with this?  It's a booger bear to change the capacitors
in the oscillator, so I would sure like an opinion or two before doing it.

Thanks and sorry for the long winded explanation.


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