[AMRadio] Re: Hamfests

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Oct 18 21:16:52 EDT 2007

> W4AWM at aol.com wrote:
>> The next thing they need to elominate is these electric scooters and 
>> bicycles
>> that some dealers use to run around the hamfest area on.  Wheeled 
>> vehicles
>> for the truly disabled are fine but all others are a liability.

Ah yes.  The Daytonmobiles.  It irks me when they get impatient trying to 
pass through the flea market when there are a lot of people present standing 
around looking over stuff, and stort hooting the horn on those things to get 
people to move out of the way and let them through.  Sometimes I have the 
urge just to set all my goodies down on the ground and take a rest right 
there on the spot.

I have no problem with power and hand tools, audio amplifiers, antique 
broadcast radios and most other electronic stuff.  The more good tools I can 
get my hands on the better, for homebrew projects.  Many of the parts in my 
station were taken from old broadcast radios and hi-fi audio equipment. 
Before WW2, there was not always a clear distinction between amateur radio 
and broadcast listening, so antique broadcast receiver and vintage ham stuff 
converge to a certain extent.  My very first ham receiver was made from a 
floor model console broadcast radio that had a longwave band and a couple of 
shortwave bands in addition to the regular BC band.  I built a homebrew BFO 
for it so I could receive CW.  It made a better ham receiver than many of 
the "entry level" novice receivers on the market in the late 50's.

Don k4kyv 

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