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Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 09:40:57 EDT 2007

On 10/19/07, david knepper <collinsradio at comcast.net> wrote:
> I believe that we should give more credit to women than we do.

I know others give great credit to their wives for being intelligent
enough to know the difference between a day of shopping and a day at a
hamfest. My wife is very clear on the difference and is actually
pleased that we have such a venue for our interest. She attended
Hamcation in Orlando with me in 2005 (she even drove), and is looking
forward to others. She even gets on the air with me at times, but also
makes it clear that this is my hobby and interest.

> So my point is let's not bash women by "assuming" that they don't have a
> curiosity or penchant for ham items, etc.  Who knows when your wife might
> remark: "how do I go about getting my ticket, too."  Of course, you would
> have to share your ham station.

Who was bashing women? All I saw was statements of hamfests being just
that, and flea markets/yard sales - the same. A perfect example of
opinion getting twisted into an inaccurate assertion, causing debate.

> Finally, did you ever notice that even hams display all kinds of items that
> are non-ham related on their tables along side a DX-100.

Which is a whole lot different than a dealer who sells only lawn
ornaments showing up, or someone selling knit blankets or used tires
only. I once purchased a .50 cal. rounds counter for a WWII fighter
off a table at Hosstraders. The guy was selling military and amateur
gear also. If he'd been selling dishes, I never would've seen it.

> My final word on this subject.  I enjoyed the discussion not DEBATE.

Debate is difficult for some to handle, as it involves silly things
like facts, justifying inaccurate assertions and so on. Having
opinions and discussing them is great. Stating opinions as facts tends
to lead to debates.

There's a poll running on the NEAR-Fest site now, started by someone
who would like to see the event changed from Friday-Saturday to
Saturday-Sunday. The vast majority like it the way it is. The last
time I looked, the poll was running about 10-1 in favor of leaving it
as-is. Though one party seemed to believe the weekend approach was
better because it suited his needs more, the facts show otherwise.

Through this kind of discussion and debate, the facts can be found.
Hamfests can be improved, even thrive as a result. Or we can take the
League approach by trying to cater to the latest/greatest interest of
the day (in this case, junkfests) and watch things continue to go down
the tubes. We could even sit back afterwards and say 'it died a
natural death' after not attempting to do anything to change the

I prefer action to reaction, but that's my opinion.

~ Todd,  KA1KAQ

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