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david knepper collinsradio at comcast.net
Fri Oct 19 14:38:16 EDT 2007

There is nothing as the ideal.

Wouldn't you rather see more ladies at hamfests selling their items next to 
their husband-hams with his old boatanchors?  It is a delight and one worthy 
of a compliment.

Would you rather have no hamfests at all?

The Dayton Hamvention is a mix of all kinds of "junk" but I wouldn't miss it 
for all the world.

When it goes, then what?

Appreciate what we have and not for what we wish for.  Those days are gone 
and only memories in our mind.  I only wish that I lived nearer to Nearfest. 
Great hamfest and thanks go out to all the organizers.  I have been in this 
hobby for over 50 years starting out as a youngster of 15 - I guess that 
makes me something of a an OT.

Dave, W3ST - W3CRA
Collins Radio Association
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Subject: [AMRadio] Ham Fests

> My wife becoming a ham? hi! She has a hard time with Satellite TV and has 
> absolutely no interest in radios, transmitters, hams, etc.
> I wasn't trying to bash woman, far from it, just that I believe the 
> average woman likes ham fests about as much as I would like to attend a 
> makeup fest. I realize there are female hams but I'd be willing to bet 
> they like radios better than flea market stuff at ham fests also. Ham = 
> radio, transmitter, not dishes, lawn ornaments etc. If I walk into a ham 
> fest that looks like a flea market I'll take a quick walk around and 
> probably leave whether I buy something or not. The atmosphere at the NEAR 
> fest despite the rain was very inviting for the average ham I would say, 
> especially boatanchor devotees and I was too broke to buy anything of any 
> value except for a nice D-104 mic, but I stayed all day and enjoyed 
> myself.
> If this sounds sexist, I'm sorry, I'm just stating an overwhelming fact, 
> ham radio and crawling under your car are two things 99% of women would 
> probably rather avoid doing (understatement), so why try to gender neutral 
> the fests? (how's that for politically correct, hi!)  It would just drive 
> away many hams and I doubt woman would be crawling over each other to get 
> in anyway.
> This is why me and my wife have the deal in that she can accompany me as 
> long as she doesn't B****, I know she hates them as much as I would have 
> hated the makep party she attended last week, but it is her choice to 
> attend so I bring her.
> Bob
>>Bob, I believe that we should give more credit to women than we do.
>>>Lots of women are hams and computer persons, etc. You would be surprised
>>when you go to Dayton how many women attend and enjoy a "night out" with 
>>So my point is let's not bash women by "assuming" that they don't have a
>>curiosity or penchant for ham items, etc.  Who knows when your wife might
>>remark: "how do I go about getting my ticket, too."  Of course, you would
>>have to share your ham station.
>>My wife just got involved in emailing her friends and now I have to tear 
>>away from the computer.  Next step is to get her an ARRL license manual.
>>Finally, did you ever notice that even hams display all kinds of items 
>>are non-ham related on their tables along side a DX-100.
>>My final word on this subject.  I enjoyed the discussion not DEBATE.
>>Dave, W3ST - W3CRA
>>Collins Radio Association
>>Join the largest Collins group in the world
>>Nets on 7208 at 4:30 EDST every day and
>>Monday at 3805 at 8 PM EDST
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>>From: "Bob Young" <youngbob53 at msn.com>
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>>Subject: [AMRadio] hamfests
>> >I agree with you Todd, I bring the XYL only because she is bored at home
>> >and doesn't drive. BUT... she knows the ham fests are going to be ALL
>> >boring radios with tubes, transmitters, wire  etc.  We have a deal, I
>> >her I would continue to bring her as long as she doesn't bother me and
>> >to go home until I'm ready to. Selfish? Maybe but then again I don't 
>> >care
>> >how long she spends at the mall as long as I'm not there. I personally
>> >the ham fests the way they are and would hate to see mittens,
>> >rocking chairs and other assorted junk being sold at them, the computer
>> >junk is bad enough. If I want to go to a mixed gathering of people 
>> >buying
>> >all sorts of assorted junk I'll go to Walmart.
>> >
>> > Bob KB1OKL
>> >
>> >
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