[AMRadio] Re: Hamfests (Tolerance of scooters)

w1eof at hamnutz.com w1eof at hamnutz.com
Fri Oct 19 23:54:05 EDT 2007

I have close second-hand experience with scooters so I think I have 
something to add to this discussion. What do I mean by that?

I mean I've never used one myself but my wife needed one in some 
circumstances for quite a few years. She had two very bad knees. At 
various times they were bone on bone, tangled/torn ligaments, fragmented 
and torn cartilage,  and finally three total replacements. For a few 
years she survived on heavy pain killers. She really a wheelchair or 
scooter in situations just like a hamfest where she just could not do 
all the walking necessary but was fine to get out and look around a 
booth or whatever.

Besides the normal feelings of self-consciousness she was also aware 
that some might look at her get out of the chair and walk around and 
believe she was a faker. So often she suffered in pain rather than 
suffer with people off looks. So be careful when making a snap judgment 
when you see someone get out of a wheelchair or motoscooter and then 
walk around. Unless you have in deed walked a few miles in their moccasins.

Now this has nothing to do with rude and inconsiderate people in or out 
of scooters. At NEARFEST like most places I go I find 99% of the people 
to be considerate and pleasant. It's the 1% that often leave a lasting 
impression on you.


Mark W1EOF

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