[AMRadio] Inexpensive KW1

John Lyles jtml at losalamos.com
Sat Oct 20 11:18:17 EDT 2007

In the early 1990s a ham comrade at work had to move his KW1 that he had been given by Columbia Univ., from NY to the southwest. I think it was in reasonable shape. Instead, he sold it, and only later did  I know what those things went for. He sold it for about 2 grand I believe - just another datapoint. 

Besides being classic Collins big cabinet and having limited manufacturing quantity, I still cannot fathom how they have elevated to 10 times that value. Ah, the mystique of boatanchors. Almost as strange as hifi audiophool stuff. I see there is a Junkston 500 for nearly 3 grand listed now. When we old farts all die off, is this stuff still going to be so valuable a treasure, or is it going to be scrap metal again? Somehow I think the latter is probably correct. There just aren't so many AM-philes coming into our frey. 

With real AM radio having a limited future, going digital like DRM and IBUZ, how long will amateur AM be a viable form of communication? Well, not 'viable' in bandwidth efficiency, but in excitement, you know what i mean. 

Maybe it will continue like CW has. Just thoughts to ponder..... Meanwhile, bring on the big iron and the large boxes. May the richest win all. 


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