[AMRadio] Johnson Valiant Audio Driver Xfmr Replacement

w0ng at comcast.net w0ng at comcast.net
Sun Oct 21 18:46:52 EDT 2007

I'd like to ask the group for a little help in selecting the best replacement for an interstage audio driver transformer in my Valiant transmitter.
Hammond Transformer makes two versions of replacement xfmrs that should work according to several reflector postings I've found posted over the years. Opinions seem to vary as to which one will work the best. The specs are as follows:

Model  /  Audio Watts  /  pri impedance  /  pri dc resistance  /  sec impedance  /  sec dc resistance  /  sec winding
124D             5               7k ohms c.t.         454 ohms              15.8k ohms  c.t.       681 ohms              C.T.
124E             5               15k ohms c.t.        728 ohms           33.8k / 135k  ohms    3,880 ohms           C.T.  

I can't find the specs anywhere for the original audio driver xfmr in my Valiant and would really appreciate some advice as to which one to use. 
Thanks & 73, Bill, w0ng

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