[AMRadio] Johnson Valiant Audio Driver Xfmr - Wake Up Call

w0ng at comcast.net w0ng at comcast.net
Mon Oct 22 17:51:28 EDT 2007

In my quest for a replacement for the interstage audio driver transformer (T4) for my 1957 Valiant I transmitter I got a "wake up call" as to how expensive a new one from Peter Dahl can actually be. 

The quote was $189.66 plus $11.94 for freight and handling.  Delivery is 4-6 weeks!
I had no idea that a transformer weighing less than one pound could be that expensive.  
Certainly way out of my budget for sure. I love my Valiant but not THAT much, hi.

I'm hoping that someone on this list has been in this situation before and has discovered a cost-effective replacement that they would be willing to share with me and the list membership. 
I'm getting kind of frustrated, I guess. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S.... I did contact Gary Brown, WZ1M, to see what he can do for me. Got my fingers crossed.
Thanks, Bill, w0ng

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