[AMRadio] Johnson Valiant Audio Driver Xfmr - Wake Up Call

DOXEMF at aol.com DOXEMF at aol.com
Mon Oct 22 19:01:19 EDT 2007

Bob W1PE said:
> I have a Viking II interstage
>transformer that was taken out
>of my Viking II when I put in the 812 that you can have if it will work.

How much plate voltage will the stock VKII tank components handle?
 I have a VKII chassis in need of a serious rebuild and have been considering external MOD and a different final tube/s.
 Without the Mod circuit the available current can run upwards of 400 ma. and solid state rectifiers put the Plate V around 800V or better without the Mod load.

Bill KB3DKS/1

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