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Mon Oct 22 23:45:21 EDT 2007

Excellent idea, Ron.  I hope they take you up on the offer.

I especially enjoyed your point, "QST is in business to sell advertising and 
to promulgate any initiative which increases advertising revenue regardless of 
how it affects the membership."

I wonder how many people noticed the "fake article" advertisement in a recent 
QST...  here's a recent discussions about it...

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Good Morning -

On page 29 of the October, 2007, QST, I was disappointed to see a 
Kenwood advertisement deliberately made to appear to be a QST feature 
article.  The layout, font choices, even the use of a large, colored 
drop-cap character at the start of the story - all were aimed at 
misleading the reader into thinking the page is a QST article rather 
than an advertisement.

This old trick is unworthy of QST.

Steve WD8DAS
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To which Debra Jahnke of QST responded:

>I am sorry that you were unhappy with the Kenwood advertorial. 
>As you know, an advertorial is an advertisement designed to 
>simulate editorial content, while at the same time offering valid 
>information to prospective buyers, and is an accepted advertising
>practice. Our internal rules dictate the company uses their full 
>logo and their contact information in addition to the word 
>“Advertising” on the page. Most mainstream magazine 
>advertorial rules are not as stringent.  

That is fine for mainstream magazines.  But  QST has more at stake as the 
journal of the ARRL.  Over the years extensive efforts have been made to ensure 
fairness and truth in the reviews of amateur equipment in QST, hopefully 
unbiased by corporate pressure or propaganda,  and this sort of deliberately 
misleading advertising un-does all that work.  It introduces a question in the mind 
of the members and readers:  "Is this article or review really unbiased?"  Or, 
"is it just a paid advertisement or press release piece?"

>However, you are certainly entitled to your opinion regarding 
>this form of advertising 

Actually, as a long-time member of the ARRL I hope I am entitled to a bit 
more than just my opinion.  -grin-  I expect my views to be considered in the 
policies of the league and its publications.

Thanks for your response...

Steve Johnston, WD8DAS


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