[AMRadio] Followup on IARU bandplan

david knepper collinsradio at comcast.net
Tue Oct 23 08:26:37 EDT 2007

Perhaps, ARRL has hired a better advertising manager.  I like it when others 
make us think.  Good for the mind.


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> Seems to me these types of advertisements were quite popular back in the
> 50's and 60's. I remember National, Hallicrafters, and several other
> manufacturers using this type of ad in QST, CQ, and 73 mags. It clearly
> states at the bottom that it's an advertisement. What's the big deal?
> Next, are we going to pound them for all those past April Fool articles
> misleading readers? How about the glossy paper; sometimes difficult to
> see the text (eye strain) when you have a lamp directly pointed at it.
> Pete, wa2cwa
> On Mon, 22 Oct 2007 23:45:21 EDT SBJohnston at aol.com writes:
>> I wonder how many people noticed the "fake article" advertisement in
>> a recent
>> QST...  here's a recent discussions about it...
>> - - - - - - - -
>> Good Morning -
>> On page 29 of the October, 2007, QST, I was disappointed to see a
>> Kenwood advertisement deliberately made to appear to be a QST
>> feature
>> article.  The layout, font choices, even the use of a large, colored
>> drop-cap character at the start of the story - all were aimed at
>> misleading the reader into thinking the page is a QST article rather
>> than an advertisement.
>> This old trick is unworthy of QST.
>> Steve WD8DAS
>> - - - - - - - -
>> To which Debra Jahnke of QST responded:
>> >I am sorry that you were unhappy with the Kenwood advertorial.
>> >As you know, an advertorial is an advertisement designed to
>> >simulate editorial content, while at the same time offering valid
>> >information to prospective buyers, and is an accepted advertising
>> >practice. Our internal rules dictate the company uses their full
>> >logo and their contact information in addition to the word
>> >Advertising on the page. Most mainstream magazine
>> >advertorial rules are not as stringent.
>> That is fine for mainstream magazines.  But  QST has more at stake
>> as the
>> journal of the ARRL.  Over the years extensive efforts have been
>> made to ensure
>> fairness and truth in the reviews of amateur equipment in QST,
>> hopefully
>> unbiased by corporate pressure or propaganda,  and this sort of
>> deliberately
>> misleading advertising un-does all that work.  It introduces a
>> question in the mind
>> of the members and readers:  "Is this article or review really
>> unbiased?"  Or,
>> "is it just a paid advertisement or press release piece?"
>> >However, you are certainly entitled to your opinion regarding
>> >this form of advertising
>> Actually, as a long-time member of the ARRL I hope I am entitled to
>> a bit
>> more than just my opinion.  -grin-  I expect my views to be
>> considered in the
>> policies of the league and its publications.
>> Thanks for your response...
>> Steve Johnston, WD8DAS
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